Professor Akihiko Yamada, his relationship with Dr. Radomir Stankovic, and the TICSP series on signal processing history

In the Events and Sightings department in Annals issue vol. 42 no. 3 2020, the contributions of Akihiko Yamada and the technology history work of TICSP were mentioned. This web page provides more information.

Yamada Comments, 2015 book edited by Radomir Stankovic: this book is photographic view of Akihiko Yamada's work studying and documenting Japanese computing history. See also

On Dr. Stankovic's connections to Prof. Yamada
This piece provides some details about Prof. Yamada's activities and their value to TICSP and to computing history more generally. The next document explains more about the TICSP history project.

The Work in History of Information Sciences at TICSP
This piece describes the work at the Tampere International Center for Signal Processing to document then a number of areas of signal processing history.