In the following, a dagger (†) indicates that an original oral history was edited by the department editor to journalistic length for publication in the Annals.
David Walden appointed first editor of the Interviews department  
Volume 33 (2011)

Willis Ware (computing pioneer since 1946)
      Interviewed by David Walden

Ward Cunningham (inventor of the wiki)
      Interviewed by David Walden

Volume 34 (2012)

Fernando Corbató (MIT professor and Turing award winner)
      Interviewed by David Walden

Albert Vezza (right hand man to famous pioneers of several historic computing activities and events)
      Interviewed by David Walden

Peter Denning (operating system theorist, computer science educator, and computing profession advocate)
      Interviewed by David Walden

Volume 35 (2013)

Rolf Skår (co-founder, early lead software person, and eventual CEO of Norsk Data)
      Interviewed by David Walden

Lars Heide became the defacto department editor  

Edward Feigenbaum (one of the founders of the field of artificial intelligence)
      Interviewed by David Alan Grier

Volume 36 (2014)

Steve Furber (processor architecture and neural networks pioneer)
      Interviewed by David Alan Grier

Dag Spicer appointed editor of the Interviews department  

Deborah Estrin (computer science professor and networking and wireless innovator)
      Interviewed by David Walden †

Volume 37 (2015)

Gordon Bell (computer pioneer)
      Interviewed by Gardner Hendrie †

Fernando Corbató: Time-Sharing Pioneer, Part 1
      Interviewed by Steven Webber †

Volume 38 (2016)

Fernando Corbató: Time-Sharing Pioneer, Part 2
      Interviewed by Steven Webber †

Raymond Tomlinson: Email Pioneer,Part 1
      Interviewed by Marc Weber †

Raymond Tomlinson: Email Pioneer,Part 2
      Interviewed by Marc Weber †

Volume 40 (2018)

Oral History of Dame Stephanie Shirley
      Interviewed by Marie Hicks †

Oral History of Joe Thompson
      Interviewed by David C. Brock †

Charles Bigelow (expert on digital type design)
      Interviewed by David Walden

Oral History of Dov Frohman (inventor of EPROM)
      Interviewed by Jeff Katz †

Volume 41 (2019)

Interview with Tim Gill (Quark)
      Interviewed by Jay Nelson †

Volume 42 (2020)

Interview with Liz Bond Crews (The Advent of Digital Typography)
      Interviewed by Paul McJones †

Interview with Larry Bohn (Interleaf)
      Interviewed by David Walden

Interview with Michael R. Williams
      Interviewed by David Walden †

Oral History of Alan Cooper
      Interviewed by Hansen Hsu †

Volume 44 (2022)

Interview with Peter E. Friedland
      Interviewed by David A. Grier †